Whenever you happened to sneeze several times before finally calm the nose? According to science an annoying irritation in the nose, leading to three consecutive sneezing.

Scientists explain that sneezing is a powerful ejection of air from the lungs, due to a pressure of 160 km / h and put out 2000 to 5000 bacteria, which occurs as a result of an allergy or irritation certain. It happens to sneeze due to a respiratory infection, because we have cold, allergies or other irritation of. Exasperating elements are not the only ones that cause sneezing, as some people suffer from sneezing reflexes, caused by bright light. How does sneezes? Practically we have a nerve, nerve trigemin, built from fiber-sensitive, which reach the nasal mucosa, which when stimulated by external agents are activated and send signals to the muscles different as diaphragm, larynx and pharynx and react to pressure strong, through sneezing.