We know you enjoy when your lovely monster kisses you dearly. However, don’t you think that the wet, big and slobbery tongue that reaches for you can be very dangerous?

What would do if you knew that there is something very threatening about it?

We are not saying that you can get worms, but you should be very careful, because their affection and love can be very dangerous for you and your health.

There is one question you should ask yourself: is the mouth of your dog cleaner than humans?

You should know that their mouth cannot be clean, because they raid in garbage and they even play outside with poo.

And that is not all. Your dog also hovers in dog droppings and their nose is full of germs and bacteria.

That is why their mouth can be very dangerous. We can prove that to you.

In this picture you can see a ring infection which can happen due to dog kisses. It can be easily transformed.

Do you want MRSA? This infection full of lesion is caused by a small kiss on the cheek.

Another deadly infection is Staphylococcus Aureus. It is dangerous and it is also scary to look at.

This infection is really bad. It is Capnocytophaga Canimorsus which can happen as a result of dog licking a wound.

We are sure that you won’t let your dog to kiss you anymore.