volunteer-2There are the usual places to find or look for a date, such as at clubs and parties, that because they are commonly used have become overused. There’s a lot of competition at those places because a large number of people are also looking, prowling – some doing so subtly while others make no attempts to hide their intention. And then there are the unusual places or ways that present a good prospect because they are not among those one would think of to find a date.

Among those unusual ways and resulting place is through volunteering. And certainly not many volunteers would think that fellow good-natured colleagues giving of time and themselves also have another primary objective of maybe striking up a conversation and coincidentally picking up a date.

But a site or place of volunteer activity can be a good and prime location to find a date for several reasons. A primary reason is what volunteering reveals about the qualities of a potential date. One such quality that volunteering can reveal is that the person has a certain work ethic that is to be admired.

Someone who volunteers is an individual who wants to work at a completing one or more tasks without getting anything in return. Many people would not work if they could help it, so when someone volunteers, it means that individual is hardworking and believes more in accomplishing a task than in getting a tangible reward from it.

A potential date who volunteers also is likely to be someone who is gainfully employed, as that person obviously has a useful skill and is willing to use up their energy for work that does not offer pay. A volunteer is likely an employed person, or someone with the skills to be employed, which is a basic but very important factor to consider for any potential date.

Another important quality that volunteering indicates about someone you may consider dating, is that the individual is not selfish because he or she is engaged in an activity that does not offer any pay or reward, except the immeasurable gain of personal satisfaction. Volunteering also shows the person isn’t selfish because it’s an activity about giving back to accomplish a greater good.

volunteer-1A date who is a volunteer will be someone who likes working with others and therefore is likely easy to get along with. Although only two people are involved in the dating game, they will each have to interact with others, especially friends and families. If either individual has a problem with interpersonal skills and getting along with others, especially strangers, then it could be a signal of trouble in the future when the individual has to interact with friends and family members.

And by volunteering, an assumption may be made that the individual is genuine and honest, again because those are attributes that are necessary to possess to have a desire to do a volunteer activity.

Individuals who volunteer also are likely to make good potential dates because they know how to manage their time. Volunteering shows that they can find the time for their own personal pursuits and free time to do one or more activity for the cause of goodwill.

By having and taking the time to volunteer, a potential date shows that he or she leads a balanced life. Such a person is good to have as a date because they likely won’t be upset if you have other priorities or things to do and can’t go on a date at a particular time. An individual who volunteers also is a good person to have as a potential date therefore because they are unlikely to make unfair or unreasonable demands on your time.