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Infidelity is something that happens in most marriages. Statistics show that 41% of marriages have either or both spouses cheating. This kind of betrayal is not exclusive to men, as 14% of women admitted to having strayed at least once in their married lives.

Infidelity manifests itself in a number of ways: changing habits, unexplained expenditures, coded messages, secret accounts and more. You may also notice your partner becoming more evasive, especially when confronted with a number of unexplained actions.

You’ve seen these signs and you have your suspicions, but you’re not 100% sure. Is your spouse cheating on you or are you just over-reacting? One way to be sure about is to actually see them committing adultery with your very own eyes.

Here are 3 ways to catch your spouse in the act of cheating.

The first step in confirming whether your suspicions are true is by conducting thorough research. So you should start by conducting your own investigation and spy on your husband or wife.

Try following your spouse for one whole week and see if he or she is meeting up with someone outside of your social circle.

Drop by their office unannounced and observe their reaction. Follow his accounts on various social media platforms and take note of people who often comment or like his posts. Strike a conversation with your spouse’s co-workers and your neighbors to fish for information. If something suspicious is indeed going on, these people will be the first ones to know.

Cheating has also gone digital, so it pays to be updated with technology. Ask help from gadget savvy friends in cracking your spouse’s phone code, email and other account passwords. Access their vehicle’s GPS and review the route your spouse has taken in the course of the week. Even if you were not able to catch your cheating wife or husband, spying helps you gather evidence you can use to confront them later on.

Most cheating spouses take great care in covering their tracks, so it might take a while before you catch them in the act through spying. Try going on the offense by setting a trap. Create a fake social media account and lure your partner into a sexy tryst. If you suspect your spouse doing the “deed” whenever you’re not in the house, then plan ahead.

Place hidden cameras throughout your home and pretend you’re going away for a vacation. Share your plan with your spouse, providing them with a list of your itinerary – when you’ll be leaving and when you’re coming back. Set the plan into motion by going to the airport and calling your partner to inform them that you’re boarding the plane. Wait for a day or two, and, while still obscured, follow your husband and wife. You’re bound to see what he or she is really up to, if they knew that you aren’t anywhere nearby. Whatever trap you plan to hatch, make sure you come prepared and that you have a back-up plan in case things don’t work out.

More than bearing witness to your partner’s betrayal, you’ll want physical evidence of his or her dalliances. In the event that you decide to end the marriage, you will need concrete proof to support your infidelity claims. Hiring a private investigator is the most efficient way to catch your spouse and gather evidence of his infidelity.

Cheating husbands and wives tend to lower their guard if they’re not aware that they’re being followed. Private investigators can conduct a thorough surveillance of your partner’s activities, without being noticed. They also have the right tools needed to capture your spouse’s indiscretions and produce this evidence in court. Private investigators can get valuable information through their network of connections, helping you gather more proof of your spouse’s disloyalty. They can even help you plan the perfect set-up to bait your cheating husband or wife.

It always starts with a “gut feeling.” If your intuition tells you that your partner is cheating, chances are he or she probably is. Experts say that gut instinct can be a powerful indicator of an unfaithful lover. Adultery statistics say that 85% of women who feel that their partner is cheating are correct. Your instincts may tell you that something is wrong, but you need solid evidence in order to confront your spouse effectively. Catching a cheating spouse in the act is a hard pill to swallow, but it’s a better alternative than being stuck with unanswered questions and continuous self-doubt. What you plan to do after being given hard proof of your partner’s infidelity will be entirely up to you.