bodylanguage-1The ability to read body language can be extremely beneficial; in fact I’d almost say it’s essential if you want to be successful in life, whether that is with women or in your career or just with your mates.

To truly know and understand someone’s body language, it can be very helpful to know your subject, as some body language can be confused with “comfort”.

Reading body language can also be very beneficial for reducing anxiety around women. If you know what she is feeling, then you know what to expect and where to go next, Instead of trying to second guess from just her verbal language.

We all know that women are great at saying one thing, but often meaning another. So if you can master the skill of body language, then you can be one step ahead. And place yourself at ease.


Number #1

Eye Contact

Ok, so you’re out at a club, there is a hot little number just a table or two away from you. She looks over and makes eye contact with you. Does this eye contact last a little longer then as it would with someone you merely glance across at, let’s say in a shopping mall?

Does she go back for round two? Make eye contact with you again? Holding it a little longer again? Yes?

Now unless your mates have decorated your face with a bit of lippy (that’s a bit of my aussie jargon for lipstick) and your looking kind of funny, then…

B-I-N-G-O … She is attracted to you! It’s now safe to make the next move.

Number #2


I have to admit I do watch for this one a fair bit in others. Its interesting watching this happen in complete strangers you don’t know. We’re all guilty of it, what’s funny though, is since I know this is something that we all do from time to time, I’ll even consciously realize it, yet can’t stop myself from doing it.

An example for you (of myself doing this);

I’m strolling down the heart of the city, with little concern for my posture, my shoulders are relaxed, head semi downwards and I’m just in my own little world getting on with my own business.

Suddenly I see a remarkably handsome fellow walking towards me, I immediately stand straight as I’m still walking, pull my shoulders back, over dramatizing my chest area, oh ok ok, I’ll say it…. Showing off my b00bies (oooops did I say that word?) *smiles*. Head held high as I walk past this person.

Both women and men use this attraction signal, usually done subconsciously. (As most body language we use is)

Number #3

Hair Touching

Oh women are big on this.

An example of this;
You’re at work and its just hit midday so you’re heading to the lunch room to heat up last nights left over spaghetti bolognaise in the work’s very convenient and free to use microwave (today you’re hoping that the “Employee Clown of the Month” hasn’t placed crayons in the microwave again to cause a rainbow splattered effect inside the microwave, and anything you heat in there has a hint of “crayon” taste).

When you enter the lunch room, the pretty little blonde secretary you have a bit of an eye for looks up and runs her hand through her hair, re-adjusting it.

This can be a great indication that she is attracted to you.

However, there are some women that play with their hair as a “comfort” device. (I guess a little like a young child sucking on their thumb does). My little sister twirls her hair constantly. And if I sit beside her to watch a movie or even just to watch an episode of “The Simpson’s” she’ll also start twirling my hair.

So it is important to know your subject to know whether this is just a “habit”.

Number #4

Hands in pocket

If she has her hands in her pockets, this means she is trying to present dominance. Sometimes when people do this, they will also rock back and forth on their feet. This is to give the impression of extra height.

If this happens, you need to ask yourself one question. Do you like being dominated? *smiles*

Number #5

Rubbing hands together

This is something you’re more likely to see when you’ve already been dating or seeing a particular woman for some time. Not something you’d usually see upon asking her out.

Now say for example:


You’ve just informed your girly friend that you have just won two front row tickets to see “Maroon 5” live in concert from cutting out an entry form from your Rice Bubbles cereal box and you happened to win!

You ask her if she would like to accompany you to the concert. She rubs her hands together and says “Absolutely”.

When she rubs her hands together, this means she is anticipating this is going to be GREAT, FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC, just can’t wait – bursting with energy – you’ve hit the nail on the head – pinned that tail on the donkey – screaming with excitement!

Of course though, some people do rub their hands together when they are scheming a revenge plot too. So is she rubbing her hands together so hard that if it was two sticks it would create smoke and start a camp fire? Or is she doing it in a more relaxed non-violent manner?