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The Gemini… The third sign on the astrological timeline. One of the three air signs. And one of the most unique personalities of all the astrological signs.

This week, I’m going to give a rundown of six traits (three good and three bad) that are part of the Gemini’s personality profile. People with the sign of the Mystic Twins are definitely in a unique class of their own…

The Good

The Gemini is the type of person who loves to have a great conversation. They are passionate about the things they love to talk about and do. A Gemini is the perfect person to call on when you need someone to host a party or special social gathering. Geminis are indeed often the life of the party, and they are really fun to be around in an environment of close friends and family.

Gemini people are the type to have the loudest cheer in the crowd at a concert or sporting event. They have a high level of enthusiasm and contain infectious levels of energy. A Gemini gets “turned up” when the excitement level of any environment reaches a fever pitch.

They love to laugh and thrive off happiness in a way that most people can’t. The last thing you’ll ever call a Gemini is boring.

A Gemini can do anything they put their mind to. They have a keen ability to adapt, and when they’re trying to learn something, they catch on really fast.

This makes them very strong in the area of creativity.

If you’re having trouble with a project like interior decorating, a Gemini is the perfect person to help you because they are very much visual people. A Gemini will surprise you with their strong knack for problem-solving and making the impossible become possible.

The Bad

To make a long story short, the Gemini has two very extreme sides to them; the wonderful side and the don’t f*ck with me side lol.

When they are happy, they are the most lovable people you can ever know. However, when they are not happy, they can be downright evil and awful to be around. You really have to pick your poison with a Gemini because you can easily have them go from best friend to worst enemy in the blink of an eye.

The Gemini person has a very hard time making up their mind most of the time. This is especially the case when they have to make major decisions.

This personality trait can make them a frustrating person to deal with in a situation that has strict deadlines.

Being indecisive can make a person very trivial in matters that have to do with money, and a Gemini is no stranger to these kinds of problems.

You’re not going to rush a Gemini into making a serious decision either. Time is no object to them, and they will spend as much of it as they wish before making a final decision.

Many Geminis have the tendency to be selfish. They can easily have the “me, me, me” attitude. People with this sign often think of themselves first before they give a thought to what the other person might want. And even when they do give, they’ll often offer what they want you to have, not necessarily what you tell them you desire.

Overall, the Gemini is a cool and calculated person with a lot to offer in terms of bonding with who they are compatible with. They tend to bond closer to individuals who have a strong sense of humor. Geminis are good listeners, but they like to talk a lot as well. If you can deal with their night and day difference when it comes to the extremities of their moods, you’ll be happy with them in a relationship. If you are quick-tempered, you’ll definitely have a hard time dealing with a Gemini on a regular basis. Better to just stay away or adjust your temper.