Posted by Jason Hill in Black Love Advice

The old saying goes, “Behind every strong man is a strong woman.”

I have found this saying to be totally true. Any man who is self-sufficient, responsible, ambitious, and well-meaning can definitely stand alone. Sometimes if he is standing alone, he is doing so by choice. But why should he have to? Any real man knows that a strong woman standing by his side is a plus, not a minus.

A real man knows that the right woman can expand everything good he’s experiencing in his life tenfold. However, some men are intimidated by the concept of a strong woman being by their side. There are many reasons for this and the negative male and female stereotypes that are on display in society are a major part of today’s misconceptions about love ad relationships.

Fortunately, there are still real men out here who truly know the value of a good woman’s worth.

Here are five powerful reasons why a real man isn’t intimidated by a strong woman.

A real man knows that a strong woman can stand on her own two feet. He respects her for this and has no desire to hinder her ability to do what she can on her own. A real man isn’t intimidated by a woman with an independent spirit. He actually helps her build on that spirit.

The truth is that every woman who comes along in a man’s life is not going to see everything his way. A real man understands this and values a woman who has her own way of seeing the world.

Having a healthy, honest, and respectful debate with a woman is actually a turn-on for a real man because he doesn’t want a “yes woman.” He cherishes a woman that can stand on what she values by talking the talk and walking the walk.

A real man loves a woman that he doesn’t have to try to control. He respects and trusts her to the extent that he doesn’t have to smother her or try to supervise every move she makes when he’s not around.

A strong woman doesn’t need or want for a man to have to do this and she gives him the privilege of knowing that she is someone who doesn’t need to be treated like a child.

This is a really important one for me. When we were a little bit younger, my woman and I were in business together organizing parties and concerts that featured live entertainers.

We trusted each other to handle our sides of the business.

This involved giving us the freedom to delegate duties to others and make important decisions. I was never the one to hoard the entire decision-making process simply because I was the man in the relationship.

A real man knows how to let certain decisions fall on the shoulders of his woman and he allows her to fulfill her own destiny.

A real man isn’t afraid of a challenge. In fact, he embraces a strong woman who presents a challenge for him during the dating phase.

All men know that if she was easy to catch, she’ll be just as easy to lose.

A woman who challenges a man to recognize her worth is not a battle for a real man because he sees her as an asset to help make him a better person.

Weak men want somebody who they can easily manipulate and control. They will play mind games and bring you up just to let you down. They don’t appreciate the value that a strong woman can bring to the table because all they are wrapped in is their own value.

A real man doesn’t think like that or move like that and he cherishes a strong woman who can stand firm on her own. However, he won’t allow her to do that. He’ll step up to the plate with his actions and show her what she’s worth without her having to ask him. A real man isn’t intimidated by a woman who knows her worth and refuses to settle for less.